Sumerhill Online Academy

Who We Are:

Summerhill Online Academy is an online platform that connects highly qualified language professionals, standardized language test prep experts and business coaches in Toronto with international students and business professionals from around the world. Our aim is to give access to the highest Canadian standards in language training, including affordable and effective standardized CELPIP and IELTS preparation for use in Canadian immigration and entry to post-secondary studies in Canada.

What Makes Us Different:

We provide a live communicative face-to-face learning experience in digital classrooms that are taught by the most experienced English instructors in Toronto. All of our instructors have a minimum of a master’s degree in a related field, are TESOL Canada, Ontario, CELTA or DELTA certified, and possess expert training in any of the focused language training programs provided by Summerhill Online Academy. We also have a small class policy, and all of our group classes range from only 4-8 students per online class, ensuring that all of our students receive the maximum attention from their teachers. As SOA is an official Paragon Testing Enterprises Certified CELPIP and CAEL preparation center, all of our CELPIP instructors have official CELPIP instructor training and use materials developed jointly by Summerhill Online Academy and Paragon Testing Enterprises.

Who We Are For:

At Summerhill Online Academy, we understand that moving to another country and thereby leaving behind your family, business, career, current educational goals, and relationships is never easy. Using only the most experienced online language instructors, we provide opportunities for international students to gain the credentials they need for their immigration to Canada or enrollment in Canadian post-secondary education regardless of whether they are currently residing in Canada. Our goal, in addition, is to provide valuable networking opportunities for fellow-minded learners and business professionals.

Company Philosophy:

Summerhill Online Academy respects unique teaching talent in the English language training field. We look forward to providing opportunities for both our teachers and students to grow professionally within and outside our company. We sincerely hope to provide our qualified instructors with an opportunity to grow and inspire others and to promote opportunities for self-authorship and entrepreneurship. We are happy to provide top-level salaries to our teachers and staff that are far beyond those of our competitors because we are not a corporate giant that cares exclusively about profit at the cost of those that work for us. We are a small company designed by teachers for teachers and students. We are also an inclusive community that will not tolerate any form of prejudice based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion.