General English
About this program

Summerhill Online Academy understands that effective language training is based on a thorough understanding of students’ unique learning style and learning context. Summerhill Online Academy is proud to connect dedicated language learners of all levels with our professional team of TESL certified English instructors. We provide a variety of specialty courses that put students in a realistic and practical context for learning the English language.                                   

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Private General English Classes

Occupational Language Training – Private Lessons Only

If you are a professional looking to improve your vocabulary in a professional field such as medicine, science, business or video game design, let Summerhill Online Academy connect you with a native-English professional in your field that can help you develop your fluency and vocabulary range as well as to gain invaluable networking and market insights opportunities.

                                                  NOTE: Occupational focus may affect class availability.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Learn effective presentation, project, letter and essay writing from current Canadian college and university professors. Learn the skills you need to compete with native post-secondary learners and get the edge you need to succeed. Succeed in gaining the highest scores from post-secondary language assessments that will help you save money and time by avoiding language training courses at a post-secondary level.

North American Business Career Strategies

Learn how to maintain professional tone in your letters and interviews, to write effective cover letters and resumes, build a professional Linkedin profile and to develop your personal brand for the North American job market. All instructors are experienced business professionals. Our program also provides opportunities for networking with other international professionals, Canadian professionals and entrepreneurs and access to numerous Canadian internships and professional development workshops that help new Canadians get the upper hand on the Canadian job market.

Group General English Classes

Idioms and Vocabulary for the Digital Age

Meet some of our youngest and hippest instructors. We do not promise that these instructors are always going to be TESL certified, but you are not going to be bored as they teach you to upgrade your tinder profile, meet native English-speaking friends in Toronto and online, promote your new startup to the right audience (including the indie and counterculture market) and generally help you navigate around pop culture, including understanding the lyrics and meaning of your favorite English-speaking artists and entertainers.

English through Gaming

According to world renowned psychologist Mihaly Chikszentmihalyi, “Games are the flow inducing experiences per excellence,” meaning, gaming can produce some of the most pleasurable and satisfying experiences we know, so if you are having trouble learning a new language in the context of a classroom and feel bored beyond belief with the ways standard classes ask you to memorize and study things, you are not alone. Doing is learning, so if you are a gamer that does not need too much to get motivated to game, learning English by playing games might just be your answer. Excellent for kinesthetic and organizer-style language learners.